We study and measure the impact generated by startups throughout Latin America

The unique methodology of iImpact validates the impact generated by hundreds of startups across Latin America, in line with the 17 UN SDGs.

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All impact generating startups must participate!

The iIMPACT seal aims to recognize, through the methodology led by Professor Fabian Salum, from Fundação Dom Cabral, the social and environmental contribution of startups, whether they are businesses with impact or not. Qualify and show customers and investors that you are aligned with the SDGs.

Apply with your startup or academic project

iImpact 2021 - Segunda etapa

Solamente las startups seleccionadas en la primera etapa seran consideradas

iImpact 2021 - Segunda fase

Apenas as startups selecionadas na primeira fase serão consideradas

iImpact 2021- Second phase

Only the startups that have been approved on the firts phase will be considered

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Connect your startup to our ecosystem and generate business opportunities
Position your corporation in the world of open innovation, and generate innovation through connections with startups
Meet the most innovative startups and the most talented entrepreneurs
Opportunities to connect with technology-based startups in projects and processes
Develop your scientific project in partnership with large companies
Connect with mature startups and identify good opportunities for acceleration and co-development

Meet the Executives and mentors who will evaluate your startup.

Renato Carvalho
President - Novartis Brazil
Carlos de Barros
Head of Outpatient, Diagnostics - DASA Empresas
Rodolfo Roballos
Founder - Rodolfo Roballos & Asociados SRL
Eduardo Belio
Consultant of Senior Management - Innovation and News Business Development
Carolina Duarte
Executive Director - Mercantil do Brasil
Mariana Macoris
Innovation & Brand Change Manager - Diageo
Guilherme W. Syrkis
Executive Director - Centro Brasil no Clima
Ana Paula Franco Calvillo
Director - AcelerA
Juliano Alves Pinto
Under Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation - State Government of Minas Gerais
Mayra Castro
Founder - Mayra Castro.Pro
Mauricio Salvador
President - Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce
Daniel Balaban
Director and Representative - UN's World Food Program in Brazil
Maria Jesus Baez
Senior Project Manager at the Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance - Frankfurt School
Adriana Lagrotta Leles
Vice Chair Stakeholder Council - Global Reporting Initiative
Mary Alejandra Ballesta Estrada
Global Innovation & Digital Business Director - Stefanini Brasil
Renata Del Claro
Innovation Manager for Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay - Diageo
Cesar Silva
Head of Supply Finance for Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay - Diageo
Daniela Bermeo
Founder and CEO - Bengala Advisors
Éricka Menegaz
Corporate Innovation Manager - Usiminas
Pedro Zannoni
CEO for Latin America - Lacoste
Daniel Maranhão
Country Managing Partner and CEO - Grant Thornton Brasil
Héctor Mario Rodríguez
Co-Founder and Director - 3i-Consultoría Social
Amanda Andreone
Corporative Sales Director and Investor Angel - Br Angels
Vanessa Domene
Partner Director - Lima Júnior, Domene e Advogados Associados and Investor Angel - BR Angels
Zaima Mendes Oliveira Milazzo
Director and President at Brain and Director of Innovation - Algar Telecom
Christiano Rohlfs Coelho
Head of Corporate Sustainability - Banco Inter
Davi Strazza
President - Ayden for Latin America
Víctor M. González
CEO and Founder - Sperientia
Tatiana Silva
Karina Coleta
Ph.D. in Business Administration - Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais
João Pedro Brasileiro
CEO - Innovation Latam
Fabian Salum
Full-Time Professor of Strategy and Innovation - Fundação Dom Cabral
Marco Antonio Fujihara
Founder and Parnet - EcoFix Securities S.A.
Edgard Carneiro Vieira
Policy Analyst and Engagement Specialist - World Economic Forum
María Ruiz Sierra
Chief of Sustainable Investment - Sura
Luis Resende
Senior Manager - Salesforce
Sérgio All
Founder and CEO - Conta Black
Andrea Rodriguez Valdez
Founder - Prop Tech Latam Summit
Thiago Contage
CCO - Águas de Pará de Minas
Miryam Lazarte
CEO - Latam Startups
Tatiana Leon
Open Innovation Director - Connect Bogotá
Philippe Figueiredo
Innovation Analyst - SEBRAE
Hernan Acuña
Manager - Enel Innovation Hub
Marcel Daltro
Associate - Nelson Wilians Advogados
Rafael Pinto
Founder and Director - Occasio International Advisory Services
Fabian Gil
Investor and Former President - Dow
Eduardo Fisher
Silvia Ohara
General Manager for South America - Bertschi
Rodolfo Oppenheimer
Managing Partner - Insight Mentors
Rafael Guper
Jorge Arbache
VP for Private Sector - Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina
Diego Garaycochea
Managing Director - Krealo
Carlos Pignatari
Inclusive Growth Manager - AMBEV
Lauren Dallas
CEO & Founder - "Future Females"
Sandra Boccia
Chief Editor - Editora Globo
Stefan Salej
Counselor - FIESP
Gabriel Aramouni
Associate Professor - Fundação Dom Cabral Brazil for Argentina and Uruguay
Julio Begali Carvalho
Head of Open Innovation - SMARTie
André Medina da Fonseca
Manager of Innovation - Andrade Gutierrez
Marcos Gurgel
Corporate Venture & Open Innovation - iFood
Lilian Arzabe
CEO - ICR Systems & Management
Marcelo Seraphim
Head of Brazil - Principles for Responsible Investment
Juliana Arango Uribe
Director of Social Management - Sura Foundation
Ivan Andres Galindo
Chiefe Business Development Office - Digiware
Bianca Neves
New Business Leader - Gerdau
Vítor Andrade
General Manager - Idexo
Julia Rueff
Head of Marketplace - Mercado Livre
Carlos Zambrano Sequera
Senior Associate Investment Advisor - Credicorp
Janete Sabin
Founder and Associate - Grupo Sabin
Susy Yoshimura
Head of Sustainability - Grupo Pão de Açúcar
Felipe Romera
Sustainability Manager - Grupo Sequoia
Rogério Studart
Senior Fellow - WRI
Soffia Alarcon
Director for LATAM - IHS Markit
Eduardo Atehortua
Head of Latin America - Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
Rodrigo Perpetuo
Executive-Secretary for Latin America - ICLEI
Renata Zanuto
Co-Head - Cubo
Adriana Barbosa
Founder - Feira Preta
Renata Petrovic
Head of Inovabra Habitat - Bradesco